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Student welfare


We recognise the importance of the following core values to our community. These values represent the aspirations and beliefs of the Australian community as a whole, including its concern for equity, excellence and the promotion of a caring, civil and just society. They are common to a range of secular and religious world views and are found in most cultures.

The core values are:

Honesty - being consistently honest and trustworthy.
Excellence - striving to achieve your personal best - our best endeavour.
Respect - having respect for yourself and others.
Responsibility - taking responsibility for your own actions.
Cooperation - working together to achieve common goals, support others and using peaceful conflict resolution.
Participation - participating fully in all school activities.
Caring - showing concern for the wellbeing of yourself and others.
Fairness - treating others fairly, honestly and without prejudice.
Tolerance - accepting and understanding our cultural diversity.



  1. School Attendance - Attend school every day, unless they are legally excused, and be in class on time and prepared to learn.
  2. School Uniform - Maintain a neat appearance, including wearing our school uniform.
  3. Behaviour - Behave safely, considerately and responsibly, including when travelling to and from school and sporting activities.
  4. Respect Cooperation Learning - Show respect at all time for teachers, other school staff and helpers, including following class rules, speaking courteously and cooperating with instructions and learning activities.
  5. Treatment of others - Treat one another with dignity and respect.
  6. Treatment of property - Care for property belonging to themselves, the school and others.



  • Our school policy addresses the following issues: 
  • School expectations;
  • Core Values
  • School rules;
  • Class Rules;
  • Strategies to promote good discipline and effective learning within the school;
  • Practices designed to recognise and reinforce student achievement; and
  • Strategies for dealing with unacceptable behaviour.


Concequences Chart (pdf 10 KB)